The Professional Association of Self-Caterers (PASC UK) supports the self-catering, short-term lets and holiday lets sector in England and Wales.  PASC UK is the largest sector association with 1500+ Members, of which 100+ are agency Members. PASC provides businesses in this key sector of the tourism economy with briefings and webinars on policy issues affecting the sector and is a key conduit to Government on legislation, policy and regulatory issues.

Joining PASC UK is easy, a single property is just £70 per annum. Membership gives a range of benefits including email and phone support and numerous sector specific papers.

From 1 October 2023 all owners that let their property, even for a single night, regardless of the platform upon which they advertise, will need to have a full written and recorded Fire Risk Assessment, by law. New Guidance has been published by the Home Office that covers smaller accommodation, (no more than two storey, no more than 4 bedrooms, no more than sleeps 10, and not having an open-plan kitchen). 

PASC UK is coordinating the Great British Holiday Campaign in conjunction with the wider self-catering sector. The objective is simple, to persuade the Westminster Government to introduce a robust Statutory Registration Scheme, BEFORE making any of the proposed changes to Planning that are being proposed for our sector.

PASC UK Cymru is coordinating the Review 182 Campaign. The objective is simple, to secure a meeting with Ministers and Officials to agree a date for a formal review of the 182-day threshold, and on what basis that review will be undertaken. We are also seeking additional exemptions for business from the Council Tax Premiums that are applicable if 182 days are not met.


Why Join PASC? 


Joining PASC will give the professional self-caterer access to all that is happening regarding the taxation and regulatory landscape in which we work. A professional team will be lobbying on your behalf to try achieve a fairer balance of taxation and regulation for the professional self-catering sector. We have PR and lobbying partners to assist us in carrying out this role.