PASC UK offers advice and support to Members on a wide range of subjects. Members are able to call and get direct support from the Team and get rapid response to email queries. Member calls and questions are prioritised over non-Members. We have built up a large knowledge base, covering regulation, business rates, good practice and much more. During the period April 2020 – June 2021 we answered over 75,000 emails and answered over 8,000 phone calls. We provided over 115,000 copies of the COVID cleaning protocols for self-catering.

A free weekly newsletter has been published each week since 1 April 2020, covering all aspects of the Covid crisis throughout the UK. As we emerge from the pandemic, the newsletter may revert to every two weeks, and split into two, a general free copy, plus a Members only version.

PASC UK also provides regular Webinars on subjects as diverse as Cancellation Policies, Ghosting of Properties, Regulations in the Self-Catering sector, 5 Things to do to Increase Return on Investment and much more. Post the lifting of restrictions there will also be the opportunity for Members to attend Members Only Webinars where they can put any questions that they have directly to the PAC UK Team and panellists.

Government Consultation

PASC UK has fed back to the Government on all the recent consultations as we seek to use this opportunity to guide Government policy on several keys areas: a reduced rate of VAT for Tourism, how Inheritance Tax relief should be reinstated for professional holiday letting businesses, a proper discussion on the VAT threshold and its impacts, as well as feeding back on the impact that the unregulated ‘sharing economy’ is having.


The so called ‘gig-economy” of AirBnB and many other similar operators must adhere to the same rules on Furnished Holiday Letting (FHL), Business Rates and safety legislation that our Members are required to meet.


Businesses like ours have been allocated payments from the Government’s Small Business Grant Fund to help us survive COVID-19. 

Cut Tourism Tax

PASC fully supports the Cut Tourism VAT campaign and its proposals for a reduction in VAT for accommodation providers to 5%, including self-catering businesses.

Tax Vortex

Professional self-catering businesses that PASC represents are less profitable than the casual observer might imagine. This is due to the combined effect of VAT and business Rates.

Business Rates

The Number One item on PASC’s agenda is to seek a fairer system by which the Valuation Office apply Rateable Values (RV’s) to self-catering businesses. The current basis is simply too high.

Inheritance Tax

HMRC does not regard professionally run self-catering businesses as businesses for Inheritance Tax (IHT) Relief purposes. This major change took place a few years ago under the revised Furnished Holiday Let Rulings (FHL).

Credit Card Fees

The changes to how business can offset credit card fees came directly from the EC. The UK Government had zero to do with this change but jumped on the bandwagon with great haste, claiming victory for the consumer.

Level Playing Field

PASC has been heavily involved with lobbying the Government to try to establish a ‘Level Playing Field” across the accommodation sector.

Become A Member

Joining PASC will give the professional self-caterer access to all that is happening regarding the taxation and regulatory landscape in which we work. A professional team will be lobbying on your behalf to try achieve a fairer balance of taxation and regulation for the professional self-catering sector. We have PR and lobbying partners to assist us in carrying out this role.