The changes to how business can offset credit card fees came directly from the EC. The UK Government had zero to do with this change but jumped on the bandwagon with great haste, claiming victory for the consumer

Most self-catering business only passed in the charge that they were levied by the credit card providers, from 1.5% - 2.5%. A far cry from the 20% levied by some airlines on short haul flights.


There is no going back on this one, and it is a cost that we will have to bear.


From the 13th January 2018, no one can charge a surcharge for a customer using a credit card, Paypal or similar. It will be illegal.


If you have system set up to charge balances after this date by credit card, you must make sure there is no surcharge applied.


We will look to produce a guide going forwards on deals that are available to Members to keep the cost of transaction as low as possible.


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