PASC’s sole purpose is to lobby the Government on behalf of professional self-caterers. These are not normally second home owners, or owners that let their properties via agents. These are small businesses that manage both the bookings and the guest welcome themselves, and where the self-catering business is a primary income stream for the owners. There are currently some serious threats to this sector. Mostly caused by Government actions - or lack of. For example:

Business Rates


Business Rates amongst the highest charged to any business sector...



Lack of regulation for the ‘gig-economy’...

Level Playing Field


Same insurance, regulation and taxation for all owners of accomodation offered for payment

Inheritance Tax​​

Removal of Inheritance Tax allowances for the Furnished Holiday Lettings sector...

Tax Vortex


The combined effect of VAT and Business Rates...

VAT Inequality


Charging 20% VAT in a sector that mostly does not.

Credit Card Fees


Removal of owners ability to pass on charges for credit cards...

Government Consultation


Guiding Government policy in key areas...