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OTS Report into possible removal of FHL Allowances

Overview tax commentary in respect of implications for those letting
furnished holiday accommodation. Commissioned by PASC UK in conjunction with the ASSC

PASC UK Business Rates 1 Claim Note England

A guide to ‘Claiming’ your property in England. You cannot ‘Check’ your properties Business Rates until you have done this.


PASC UK Business Rates 2 Check Note England

The guide will take you through ‘checking’ your Business Rates in England. It is vital that you book a call with the Chair before completing and submitting this ‘Check’


PASC UK Template Privacy Policy

All businesses in the UK are required to have an up-to-date Privacy and Cookie. Not having one can lead to fines. This document provides you with a template policy to do this.

June 2022

PASC UK Template, Privacy Policies explained

This document explains Privacy Policies.



June 2022

PASC UK Template Cookie Policy Guidance

In order to establish whether your website or service complies with the law you need to conduct a cookie audit for all of your websites and online services.

 June 2022

PASC UK Template Cookie Policy

This template will help you to create your own cookie policy in conjunction with the Template Cookie Guidance.

 June 2022

PASC UK Template CCTV Policy

This document provides you with a basic CCTV Template Policy.


June 2022

PASC UK Guidance on using CCTV

Having CCTV at business premises can bring benefits, however there are several stages of legal compliance that you need to go through to operate such a system.


PASC UK Template LIA

This document is a template Legitimate Interests Assessment for CCTV.



PASC UK Guidance on completing a short form LIA

A ‘Legitimate Interests Assessment’ is a requirement if you have CCTV. This will guide you through creating one.

PASC UK ICO Registration Paper

This paper explains whether or not your business needs to register with the ICO. In 99% of cases PASC UK Members will need to do so. It costs £40 to register.

PASC UK ICO Registration FAQ’s

This document answers the most common questions about registering with the ICO and why you need to.

PASC UK Template Breach Risk Assessment (Required if you have a GDPR breach)

This template will guide you through the steps to take if you have a breach of GDPR.

PASC UK EV Charging Policy Guidance

This guidance takes you through putting together an EV Charging Policy at your business, necessary even if you do not have EV charge points, to help protect against charging out of the window.

PASC UK EV Charging Policy Template for Member’s T’s & C’s

This template document can be inserted into your Terms and Conditions to cover EV charging at your business, whether you provide the facility or not so as to help maintain insurance cover.

PASC UK Record of Processing (This is what data that you store and for how long?)

This template gives you the headings for the types of data that you store and for how long.

PASC UK Template Internet Fair Usage Policy

This template document can be inserted into your Terms and Conditions to cover fair internet usage at your business.



PASC UK Guidance on damage caused by guest and your T’s & C’s

This document provides Members with another clause for their T’s and C’s. this one to protect you if guests cause damage to the property such that you have to cancel subsequent bookings and who pays.

PASC UK Template for clause in T’s C’s ref guest damage

This is the template clause to add to your Terms and Conditions to protect you if guest damage causes future cancellations.

PASC UK Ghosting Report

Ghosting is the practice that is employed by some self-catering agents whereby they leave your property on their website after you have left, with ‘this property no longer available’ …. Book one of these. This report tells you the steps you can take to have the property removed.

PASC UK Risk summary of 3rd Party suppliers at Holiday lets

Having third party suppliers giving services to our guests at our businesses requires careful planning, in order not to void insurance. This paper explains the steps to take to maintain insurance cover. Covers chefs, mobile cooking companies, hot tub rental, bouncy castles. Entertainers etc.


PASC UK Guest Comms Paper

Improving the flow of Guest Communications from initial contact pre-booking to post departure is one of the key elements to improving guest satisfaction and driving up repeat bookings. This paper should be taken in conjunction with the webinar on this subject in the Webinars section.

PASC UK Influencer Paper

Many Members have reported being contacted by influencer or media offering coverage of your property in exchange for a free stay. There are several legal aspects to Members being offered this that they need to be aware of. These are covered in this Paper.