PASC UK regularly arranges Webinars on subjects of key interest to the sector. Recordings of previous Webinars are detailed below. A Summer 2022 programme is being developed now and includes the following topics:

  • Improving Guest Communications (Members Only)
  • The Buying Club
  • Capturing More Bookings
  • What’s Wrong With My Website?

Further announcements shortly.  We will also be launching Webinars that will enable Members to ask the PASC UK Team and chosen panellists any questions that they like about the sector.

Legal Webinar covering Cancellation Policies and Terms & Conditions

This webinar covered the pros and cons of various cancellation policies applicable to self-catering, particularly with reference to cancellations resulting from guests catching Covid pre-stay and storm damage. The session also covers Terms and Conditions and Cookie Policies and why it is so important to get these right.

Date held: 9 August 2022

Time: 1100 BST 


Robert Kennedy: SuperControl

Thomas Chartres Moore: Stephens Scown Solicitors

Alistair Handyside: PASC UK

PASC UK Webinar on the benefits of joining the Buying Club

Gurvinder & Alistair run through the benefits of signing up for the buying club, which is free to members and answer some viewer questions.

Date held: 20 JULY 2022

Time: 1100-1200 BST 

Hosted by: Alistair Handyside: PASC UK

Guest Speakers:

• Gurvinder Patara – Purchasing for Business

PASC UK Webinar on Capturing More Bookings

A group of experts will each run through their top 5-6 tip to capturing last minute bookings, there will then be questions from the audience to the panellists.

Date held: 07 JULY 2022

Time: 1100-1230 BST 

Hosted by: Alistair Handyside: PASC UK

Guest Speakers:

• Mark Worden: Mihi Digital

• Clare Bushby: Clockwork Marketing

• Beth Bailey: Premier Cottages

• Robert Kennedy: SuperControl

• Andy McNulty: Touch Stay

Recording of PASC UK Webinar on Entering the Tourism Awards

This webinar covers the benefits of entering the Tourism Awards, how to enter them and top tips.

Date held: 17 May 2022

Time: 1100-1200 BST 

Alistair Handyside: PASC UK

PASC UK Tech Webinar

This webinar showcased how technology can really help your self-catering business differentiate itself and thrive.  It featured the following products.


  • Properly – This is a new app that enable you as owners to use an app to monitor your cleaning, generate reports on the cleaning and send reports to guests that their property is ready and inspected, with photos. Brought to you by Properly and Quality in Tourism, it integrates the PASC UK Covid Cleaning protocols alongside the high standards established by Quality in Tourism’s ‘Safe, Clean and Legal’ accreditation. The presentation will be from Richard Vaughton of Properly and Deborah Heather of Quality in Tourism. http://getproperly.com/

Date 2 November 2021

Time 11.00

Hosted by SuperControl

  • Beyond Pricing – This online tool enables property owners and managers to hand over the complex job of pricing properties to Beyond Pricing. You can set your own pricing parameters, and Beyond Pricing does the rest, monitoring supply and demand and adjusting prices accordingly, just as airlines and hotels do. In most cases owners using Beyond Pricing see increase in yields of over 15%. https://www.beyondpricing.com
  • Touch Stay – We have presented this award-winning tech before and it always proves popular, one of the great successes of the last eighteen months. The presentation will cover what Touch Stay is, the digital guidebook to replace those worn in cottage guides, through to some great tips on how to get your customers to make best use of it. https://touchstay.com

Panel Questions.

After the presentations, participants will be able to ask questions of the panel which will include the above speakers plus Robert Kennedy, Director SuperControl and Alistair Handyside, Exec Chair of PASC UK.

Legal Obligations of a Self-Catering Business

This webinar will provide a headline tour of the legal obligations that we are under running any form of short-term letting/self-catering business. Whilst covering the key points we will point out where information can be found as well as highlighting specific risks to insurance cover.

Date 14 July 2021

Time 1130-1300


  • Introduction: Alistair Handyside. Executive Chair, PASC UK and owner of Higher Wiscombe Holiday Cottages
  • Visit England and the Pink Book: Ross Calladine, Head of Business Support, Visit England
  • An Owners perspective: Beth Bailey, Chair Premier Cottages and owner Kernock cottages 
  • The Pink Book and the key laws: Kurt Janson, Author Pink Book and Director of the Tourism Alliance 
  • Impact on insurance of non-compliance: Alistair Handyside
  • Summary: Alistair Handyside
  • Q&A: All panellists

Sponsored and Hosted by Premier Cottages.

Pros and Cons of Self-catering Agents or Going Direct?

This webinar featured the pros and cons of both the self-catering agency route and of taking your bookings direct. Plus, it also features the Q&A on the Road Maps

Date: 24th February 2021

Time: 15.00-16.30pm 


  • Avoid them (why they occur, how to minimise the probability).
  • Understand what they are, the variants, and what to expect.
  • Be competent and efficient at dealing with them.
  • Put a good case together to win a dispute.

Date: 17th February 2021 

Time: 15.00-16.30pm

Free Webinar on ‘Self-catering Futures, building a world class business”

We are poised to have a really busy summer this year, as most will not be able, or perhaps willing, to go abroad. What can we do with our businesses to win over these new customers long term?  How can we increase our repeat customers as we head towards a really competitive landscape in 2022/2023 when the international markets open up?


Date: 7th April 2021


  • Clean:  Deborah Heather, Director, Quality in Tourism

  • Green:  Alistair Handyside, Chair PASC UK and owner Higher Wiscombe Ltd

  • The Experience:  Bill Lee, Founder and CEO of Yonder, an ethical OTA

    How tech will play its part?

    Robert Kennedy: Director SuperControl. Beyond Pricing

    Richard Vaughton:  Rentivo and Yes Consulting

    Andy McNulty: Touch Stay enhancements

The Property Ghosting Webinar

This webinar will explain to holiday accommodation owners what ‘Ghosting’ is and how it harms their business. It will help owners learn how to identify if their property is being ghosted using self-catering examples, and what steps they can take to remedy this. We will also cover intellectual property, how to protect yours and how not to breach others intellectual property. We will end the presentations on guest review management which will be followed by a Q&A to the whole panel.

Date: 30th June 2021

Time: 14.00-15.30pm


  • Introduction. Alistair Handyside
  • How can you find out if you are being ‘ghosted’? Pete Stevens
  • What can you do about it? Tom Chartres Moore
  • How you can protect your intellectual property and not breach others: Tom Chartres Moore
  • How to protect your reputation through good guest review management: Pete Stevens
  • Summary: Alistair Handyside
  • Q&A: All panellists

How to become an Accessible Business and Why?

Why should you consider getting involved in the Accessible market? Find out from a panel of experts about the market, what you can expect, what is the financial impact, what you need to do, and how to go about entering this sector. 

Key points to consider:

  • Market worth £3.2 billion in overnight stays
  • Make up 15% of overnight stays
  • The guests spend more per night and stay longer

The team will present the market opportunity, the how to’s and the benefits, followed by a Q&A session to the whole panel.

Date: 24th March 2021

Time: 11am – 12.30pm


  • Intro: Alistair Handyside, Chair PASC UK
  • The Market Opportunity: Ross Calladine, Head of Business Support VisitEngland.
  • Accessible does not mean design compromise: Diane Howarth, Cottages in the Dales.
  • Marketing the accessible product: Beth Bailey, Kernock Cottages.
  • Impact on the bookings: Robert Kennedy, Director SuperControl.
  • The National Accessible Scheme: Annette Burgess, Regional Operations Manager, VE Assessments.
  • Panel Q & A

Protecting the South West Tourism Sector from Cyber Crime

In 2020, 46% of businesses experienced a cyber-attack, and for those who lost cash the average was over £3,200. Increasingly, simple scams are being deployed, and it’s very possible to reduce your risk without being a technical expert. You just need to know where to start. 

On 18 March between 10-11, the South West Tourism Alliance will join the South West Business Council and the police-led South West Cyber Resilience Centre, in hosting a webinar which shows you how to make your business’s IT safer and keep it that way. We’ll show you a bit about what cybercrime looks like, and we’ll tell you how to access free resources for SME’s, from staff training to basic IT security. And if you want bespoke IT support and don’t know where to start, we’ll also show you how to access inexpensive services through new links with regional universities, or how to find a trustworthy company near you.

Date: 18 March 2021

Time: 10am-11am with questions and networking until 12pm.

There is no charge for this webinar.

Hosted by The Cyber Resilience Centre (South West, South West Business Council and the SW Tourism Alliance.

Cybercrime needn’t be scary or complex. Like any other business risk, you can manage it with the right guidance and advice. Join us to find out how. Register via this link, and if you can’t make it to the event then check out our website at www.swcrc.co.uk instead for free membership, information and guidance.  

Touch Stay Free Webinar

Touch Stay have organised a webinar to share short term lettings successes during the pandemic.

Come meet, listen to and chat with four industry professionals who will share stories of happy guests and accommodation professionals during Covid.

  • Hosting success stories
  • Tips and tricks gleaned from different countries
  • How their organizations supported their members during the pandemic crisis
  • What can self-catering/vacation rental owners do to make 2021 a success and help 2022 sell itself

Date: 16 March 2021

Time: 5pm

Hosted by Andy McNulty and Tyann Marcink from Touch Stay, creators of the digital guidebook.


  • Alistair Handyside (Chair, PASC UK; Owner of Higher Wiscombe)
  • Merilee Karr (Chair, Short Term Accommodation Association; Founder & CEO, UndertheDoormat)
  • Dave Krauss (Founder & Exec., Rent Responsibly)
  • Alexa Nota (Founder & Exec., Rent Responsibly)

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